Jun 2, 2021
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Turkish Flat Bread Bazlama in Pan

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Homemade Bread
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Course: Vegan bread
Cuisine: Turkish
Prep Time: 35 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Servings: 6
Author: BreadandSalt


  • 600 gr All purpose flour or whole wheat flour we tried both of them,
  • 1 Package instant dried yeast or 90 gr sourdough starter we recommend you to use sourdough starter/wild yeast/Grandma's Yeast,
  • 2 Teaspoons granulated sugar
  • 2 Teaspoons Salt
  • 1,5 - 2 Cups of luckwarm water (nearly 350-375 ml),
  • 1 Cup of homemade yoghurt Natural yoghurt, at room temperature, (nearly 150 - 200gr),


  • 1- First of all, put your all ingredients on the work surface. Then, combine the flour (all purpose flour or whole wheat flour), yeast, sugar and salt in a large and deep bowl. In this recipe, we didn't use storebought yeast (fabrication yeast). We used our traditional sourdough starter. If you use wild yeast/sourdough starter: before the make flour mixture of bread: In a small bowl, mix the wild yeast, sugar and 1/4 Cup of warm water. Then, stir them very well so the yeast dissolves. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes - in this time, your organic yeast will become bubbly again - Then, your organic yeast ready to mix ingredients of bread.
  • 2- Then, add yoghurt to flour mixture and mix them very well. You should use a wooden spoon or your hands to mix to a soft bread dough (dough of Turkish flat bread -bazlama- will be quiet sticky at this stage). Then, cover the bowl with a damp tea towel and set aside in a room temperature place for about 2-3 hours or until your dough well risen.
  • 3- Divide the dough into 4 or 6 portions. Use your hands to flatten each portion into a round on a floured bench top to about 26 cm in diameter and 6-7 mm thick. Place on a piece of baking paper on a tray and cover with a damp tea towel and set aside in a room temperature place for 15 - 20 minutes to rise slightly.
  • 4- Then, heat your Crepe pan or non-stick frying pan on medium heat. Cook your Turkish pancake (Gözleme) until it starts to turn golden brown, then flip it over. Brush the top with a little vegetable oil or melted butter (in this process, we only used melted butter).
  • 5- Serve warm topped with honey and butter for breakfast. Also it is served with every dish in lunch or dinner.
  • Enjoy


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